Amazon Tap Sling Cover review


  • Durable silicone construction protects from drops and bumps
  • Cut it to your bag, hang it in a tent, take it to some bash – the built-in loop allows increased portability for all your experiences
  • Custom-fit design provides easy access to buttons, media controls, and back charging port*
  • Made in six brilliant colors that allow you to personalize your Amazon Tap
  • *Not compatible with Amazon Tap Charging Cradle

Whether you are headed into a bbq, hanging out on the veranda, or choosing a bike ride, the loop that is integrated allows you to clip on it, hook it, or snatch it.

Sling is simply amazing and so is the Amazon Tap!! This sling allowed me easy accessibility to transport my tap today, to work!!

One nice thing I like about the tap is this sling is not required but this is a very pleasant improvement.. It supplies great protection for the tap, which will be what I desired it for.. My tap is going to be like a miniature, portable Sonos for me.. It’s definitely going to be a loudspeaker I take with me daily!! Although it supplies minimal coverage for the speaker, it is still protected by it from dings! The minimal coverage is desired to not damage the sound quality from the speaker… Taking the loudspeaker to the shore, camping, trekking, to parties, I wanted something to protect it while in use!! This sling is going to do exactly that!!

Another thing it does is allows it to hang from my bag!! Initially, I was scared the silicone wouldn’t be powerful enough for that and would stretch.. Well so far, no issues!! I make use of a carabiner and attach it to my bag!! No stretching and super easy to transport my tap with me!

1.)Enables personalization of your Tap

2.)Since my tap isn’t for home use and protects your Tap from dings, this is fantastic

3.) I adore the brilliant and bright colours

4.) Silicone is strong enough for hanging

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General: I do feel $20 for the sling is a little high but for the protection it provides my brand-new tap, I very happy with it.. I used to not buy my tap to sit still at home.. I bought it to go out with me!! That is performed excellently for by this sling and provides great protection while I am out and about!!

I plan on ordering more colors! I really like being able to personalize my Tap and also this sling will probably enable me to do that!

Update: 7/25/16 – holding up nicely! The sling still has original colour rather than marking up in anyhow.. Take it daily

The sling is only a cover for “Amazon Tap”, which is, according to Amazon, “a portable Bluetooth and Wifi enabled speaker that provides you with rich, full-range sound. Just tap the mike button and require music, hear news, search for advice, purchase a pizza, and more together with the Alexa Voice Service.”

Fundamentally Alexa on steroids but using a battery that is rechargeable.

Finest solution to perform that is always to get a carabiner. The sling has a ring at the top to attach it to and that works great. Amazon has a whole lot of them to pick if you look up carabiner, and as little as $3.00

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Today I have been using the Exploit and sling daily for over the past two months and I felt like I needed to alter my review. This product was not initially recommended by me, but after living with it, and growing to enjoy it, I’m shifting my recommendation.

The simple truth is, the base and top feel more secure compared to the appearance would have you believe. I’ve dropped it a couple times and the sling protected it. I think the rubber absorbs the majority of the strength of the tumble. Additionally, it has been sat right into a puddle and the rubber sling protects the bottom.

I initially was upset by the sling keeping me from charging on the charging dock, as I thought it’d be, but it isn’t as big of a problem. I just pull off the bottom of the sling and charge it (leaving the very top of the sling on). easy off and easy back on after.

My only actual criticism that is lingering would function as cost. $20 for basically a thin piece of rubber wrap the top and bottom still seems a little excessive. I’m raising my stars . Really the price is the sole thing keeping this. I’ve come to really like the sling. I’ve likewise bought a pouch that was cheap into while transporting it, to throw it. That has eased my concerns about keeping it clean/safe while throwing it into a work bag.

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