TotalMount Amazon Fire TV Mounting System review

The TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System is currently on sale for $19.99. This isn’t the cheapest this mounting bracket has ever been, that would be when it was $14.99 for a day in 2014, but this is the first time it’s dropped below $20 in over a year. This mount works for both 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TVs and has great reviews. It attaches with adhesive strips or port hooks to the rear of your TV, or make use of the screw holes to screw it to the wall or furniture. The bracket features venting spacers to keep air flowing round the Fire TV. Here’s your chance to save several bucks on the best Fire TV mounting bracket, if you’ve been desiring to clear up shelf space.

TotalMount attaches Fire TV to the rear of your television for dependable and simple Fire TV installation
Universal mounting system for Amazon Fire TV
Simple to attach with multiple mounting options
Removes the requirement to tunnel an HDMI cable through your wall
Ideal for wall-mounted televisions
Comprises heat management characteristics

TotalMount removes the need to tunnel an HDMI cable via your wall.

TotalMount is ideal for wall-mounted televisions. TotalMount rapidly and reliably attaches Fire TV behind your tv.

The innovative design is tailored to reliably and securely hold Amazon Fire TV.

Cooling air can flow under Fire TV through venting stations. The mount enables effective heat management.

TotalMount comprises three kinds of advanced hooks to securely attach your Fire TV to the vents on the back of most TVs. Each hook type features a unique contour tailored to particular varieties of TV ports.

Adhesive feet flex to attach to the contours of TV backs. TotalMount uses a special adhesive system for bonding to the materials that are unique and raised temperatures of televisions. Instead, utilize the screw holes to mount Fire TV just about anyplace.

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Very satisfied! Wonderful merchandise, works better than anticipated. Pleasant merchandise for a good price. They’re well-designed. A great way to conceal your Amazon Fire neatly and cut down on the wreck of cables. Ideal for reducing litter on your own entertainment console. What I like most is it has a variety of mounting options such as sticky strips, hooks. I’m quite happy with this purchase! Highly recommend this product for anybody with Amazon Fire TV or other televisions.
This mount is a hit for me! I love it. The design is a perfect fit for my Amazon Fire TV.

Build is sturdy and fine. I managed to tuck this behind my TV utilizing the hooks that came with it.

It was a situation that is set and forget and I really like it. I did not need to cope with the sticker component after if I decided to transfer the mount so I went with the hook although it does come with 3M decal.

We have Fire TV Sticks that are several and several Fire TV cartons. Clearly the Sticks are no difficulty because they hang from the HDMI interfaces into or plug. We’d tried bracing up them with twist-ties paper clips and hanging out the TV ports. So along comes the TotalMount, which is a marvel of genius since it enables three ways to mount with no difficult to adapt to use any of those options. We’ve one TV that the ports were not big enough (who puts pinhole vents on a 75″ LED? WTF???) So our selection was the screws or the adhesive. Just as I was about to peel the four adhesive pads off, I realized that I could easily use one of the screws on the rear of the TV, unscrew it, replace it through the TotalMount and VOILA! It’s great to possess options! And writing this review took longer than it took to install six TotalMounts – it’s THAT easy!

Overall: I’d definitely recommend this for people who have a Fire TV!

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