Amazon Tap Sling Cover review


  • Durable silicone construction protects from drops and bumps
  • Cut it to your bag, hang it in a tent, take it to some bash – the built-in loop allows increased portability for all your experiences
  • Custom-fit design provides easy access to buttons, media controls, and back charging port*
  • Made in six brilliant colors that allow you to personalize your Amazon Tap
  • *Not compatible with Amazon Tap Charging Cradle

Whether you are headed into a bbq, hanging out on the veranda, or choosing a bike ride, the loop that is integrated allows you to clip on it, hook it, or snatch it.

Sling is simply amazing and so is the Amazon Tap!! This sling allowed me easy accessibility to transport my tap today, to work!!

One nice thing I like about the tap is this sling is not required but this is a very pleasant improvement.. It supplies great protection for the tap, which will be what I desired it for.. My tap is going to be like a miniature, portable Sonos for me.. It’s definitely going to be a loudspeaker I take with me daily!! Although it supplies minimal coverage for the speaker, it is still protected by it from dings! The minimal coverage is desired to not damage the sound quality from the speaker… Taking the loudspeaker to the shore, camping, trekking, to parties, I wanted something to protect it while in use!! This sling is going to do exactly that!!

Another thing it does is allows it to hang from my bag!! Initially, I was scared the silicone wouldn’t be powerful enough for that and would stretch.. Well so far, no issues!! I make use of a carabiner and attach it to my bag!! No stretching and super easy to transport my tap with me!

1.)Enables personalization of your Tap

2.)Since my tap isn’t for home use and protects your Tap from dings, this is fantastic

3.) I adore the brilliant and bright colours

4.) Silicone is strong enough for hanging

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General: I do feel $20 for the sling is a little high but for the protection it provides my brand-new tap, I very happy with it.. I used to not buy my tap to sit still at home.. I bought it to go out with me!! That is performed excellently for by this sling and provides great protection while I am out and about!!

I plan on ordering more colors! I really like being able to personalize my Tap and also this sling will probably enable me to do that!

Update: 7/25/16 – holding up nicely! The sling still has original colour rather than marking up in anyhow.. Take it daily

The sling is only a cover for “Amazon Tap”, which is, according to Amazon, “a portable Bluetooth and Wifi enabled speaker that provides you with rich, full-range sound. Just tap the mike button and require music, hear news, search for advice, purchase a pizza, and more together with the Alexa Voice Service.”

Fundamentally Alexa on steroids but using a battery that is rechargeable.

Finest solution to perform that is always to get a carabiner. The sling has a ring at the top to attach it to and that works great. Amazon has a whole lot of them to pick if you look up carabiner, and as little as $3.00

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Today I have been using the Exploit and sling daily for over the past two months and I felt like I needed to alter my review. This product was not initially recommended by me, but after living with it, and growing to enjoy it, I’m shifting my recommendation.

The simple truth is, the base and top feel more secure compared to the appearance would have you believe. I’ve dropped it a couple times and the sling protected it. I think the rubber absorbs the majority of the strength of the tumble. Additionally, it has been sat right into a puddle and the rubber sling protects the bottom.

I initially was upset by the sling keeping me from charging on the charging dock, as I thought it’d be, but it isn’t as big of a problem. I just pull off the bottom of the sling and charge it (leaving the very top of the sling on). easy off and easy back on after.

My only actual criticism that is lingering would function as cost. $20 for basically a thin piece of rubber wrap the top and bottom still seems a little excessive. I’m raising my stars . Really the price is the sole thing keeping this. I’ve come to really like the sling. I’ve likewise bought a pouch that was cheap into while transporting it, to throw it. That has eased my concerns about keeping it clean/safe while throwing it into a work bag.

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Amazon Tap review: Take Alexa with you everywhere

After over a year of flying beneath the radar Amazon’s Alexa voice, by technology standards -managed platform that is helper is seeking to be mainstream, plus among its first moves to that end would be to be – that is mobile using the newest Amazon Tap. We have spent several weeks using the battery powered variant of the first Alexa device, the Echo.

The Faucet is slightly more than half the size of the tabletop Echo, which must be plugged right into a wall all the time to work. While the Faucet offers one by untethering it in the wall socket of the characteristics we most wanted in the Echo, it introduces a brand new constraint to allow it to be possible. As its name implies, you will need to “tap” a physical button on the very front of the Tap in the event that you would like it to begin listening to your orders, while the Echo is constantly listening and could be used hands free from across an area or using a remote with built in mic.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

While this restriction is a bit of a heart-breaker because multitasking with voice commands while your hands are occupied is among the real pleasures of utilizing the Echo, the portability of the Harness means it winds up getting more use as well as in more surroundings, which makes it a net gain in utility complete.

The Tap became a tool that is favorite around house and my office, with grownups and kids equally catching hold of it to stream podcasts, music, audiobooks or reply questions that are arbitrary, give the weather forecast and play trivia, only for starters. The skill to transfer it from room to room made it more useful as opposed to Echo that was fixed, in spite of the first-class loudspeaker and mic of the bigger device.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Tap Echo, and its particular older sibling

Astonishingly, the Tap is a bit less practical outside the home or alternative locations with committed Wifi. That is as it takes a continuous connection to the World Wide Web, and doing so having a cellular hotspot on a smartphone usually means losing quite a lot of battery life on the telephone.

In a world where a lot people are smartphone power users always striving to squeeze another hour from every fee, we discovered it generally does not make sense to give up that extra juice simply to keep the Harness plugged in, particularly when most cellphones already have voice helpers similar to Alexa that are merely a tap away.

Amazon appears to be aware with this competition, though, and has been aggressive about adding huge names to its Alexa platform – like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn along with interfacing with a variety of smart home devices like SmartThings and Nest. It is also released API and an Alexa Skills Kit to enable programmers to generate an ever expanding record of abilities that allow for voice access that was small to texting, e-mail, requesting an Uber or purchasing fresh flowers. We have even seen an Echo used to pull a Tesla Model S from the garage.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The mic button of pressing Tap cues it to listen for orders

Amazon throwing the doors open to Alexa for programmers has made it among the very useful voice-activated platforms about, plus it is only getting started, so a Solicit is the form of purchase that may be more precious as time goes on. It’s become the situation since it had been in beta, with all the Echo, which we have been using. Its general utility has exploded by leaps and bounds, even since it became accessible for one to buy through Amazon.

Once your cellular hotspot dies or you disconnect WiFi and the Tap, it becomes little a lot more than a Bluetooth loudspeaker that is middling. Do not anticiTape if it does not have an internet connection Alexa to even reply to your tap.

The Tap is not terrible, as bluetooth speakers go, but there are definitely better offerings at the $129 price point. You may get something of the same size from Bose with better audio to get the same cost, but of course that might only be a “slow” loudspeaker with no Alexa.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Headphone and uSB interfaces are available on the back

When streaming music, the Tap provides sharp enough 360-degree sound from two 1.5-inch drivers and dual passive radiators for a little more bass. It has a charging cradle that is nifty and Amazon says it plays with nine hours of music per charge; we found this to be a conservative approximation, that has been a nice surprise.

At 6.2″ x 2.6″ x 2.6″ (159 mm x 66 mm x 66 mm), you can not quite pocket the Tap, but it does ease into a bag or a back pack readily enough and you can also purchase an elective sling that slides over the loudspeaker to shield its borders from falls and gives it an additional taking loop. Weighing just over one pound (470 gs) additionally allows you to tote.

The Tap does not come with a remote like the Echo, but it does have a few additional buttons on top that enable you to readily control volume and progressing back or forwards.

All in all, the Faucet is not the perfect voice-assisted device. We likely have not seen that just yet. What it does is offer an option for people that might have access from various places in the home, office or elsewhere to a strong voice helper like Alexa. If handsfree interaction with this kind of platform is smaller Echo Dot will probably make more sense or more valuable for you than portability, then the Echo.

Addititionally there is an additional form of customer who should look at the Solicit. In the event you are in the marketplace to get a mid range Bluetooth loudspeaker, we recommend considering the Tap. You are prone to get similar sound quality to get a cost that is similar, and using the additional incentive of access to some strong and fast growing voice platform.

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BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Top 6 reasons to not purchase Tap

1. Alexa may not join your picnic

Wiretap, like other Echo products, depends upon a Wifi network for Alexa to work. That’s good if you’re using Exploit at home or the office on a local Wi-Fi network. Or if you’re staying at a friend’s home, or just a resort with Wi-Fi, though I haven’t examined this.

(By the way, Alexa won’t work with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. It supports 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n and WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security.)

Nonetheless, what should you’d like to choose Tap to a picnic in the park? It will still work as a Bluetooth stereo speaker, playing tunes streamed from your smartphone. But unless there’s a strong Wi-Fi signal accessible, Alexa won’t be joining your picnic.

I tried connecting the device to my iPhone’s personal hotspot network multiple times without success. Update: A reader wrote me to say he readily connected Tap to his iPhone. Give it a try; you could have better luck than I ‘d.

2. Your voice won’t awaken Alexa

Regrettably, you don’t get the hands free Alexa experience with Tap. The device is so-named because to summon Alexa, you tap on a button on the tube-shaped loudspeaker. You can’t say, “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast now?,” as you would with Echo or its new sibling, Echo Dot ($90). Rather than that, you tap Pat’s microphone button, then inquire, “What’s the weather forecast now?”

That’s not a huge deal should you keep Pat near you. Nevertheless, I’ve gotten used to using my voice to inquire my Echo questions about traffic, weather, and news. It’s very convenient in the kitchen, when I’m cleaning up or cooking. If I ‘d Tap in the kitchen, it will be coated with flour as well as olive oil immediately.

3. It’s not a speakerphone

I’m also wondering why Amazon didn’t give Tap speakerphone capabilities. The device clearly has a loudspeaker and also a microphone, but its Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t comprise phone calls. That’s a missed chance, given that some competitive mobile Bluetooth speakers, including Jawbone’s Mini Jambox (also $130), can act as speakerphones.

4. It’s not waterproof

What else is missing from Pat? It’s not waterproof, as is true for UE Boom 2, which costs greater than Faucet ($199) but consistently earns outstanding reviews.

5. It can’t be paired with another Bluetooth loudspeaker

Also unlike UE Boom 2 and a few other Bluetooth speakers, you can’t pair Tap with a different Bluetooth loudspeaker for richer audio.

6. Battery life is OK but not as great as some competitors

UE Boom 2’s battery lasts around 15 hours vs. about 9 hours for Tap (according to their individual product specs).

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Top 3 reasons to buy Tap

1. It seems great

Tap’s audio quality seems great if you ask me. When cranked up, sound clarity didn’t get muddy, as can be the case with some mobile Bluetooth loudspeakers.

2. It’s not like another portable Bluetooth speaker on the marketplace

Tap’s built-in intelligence, despite its constraints, make Bug a one of a kind merchandise.

3. It’s the least expensive approach to get Alexa with a loaded stereo speaker

I’d urge Tap if you’re in the marketplace for a portable Bluetooth speaker, would like to have Alexa at home or in your workplace and don’t want to spend the extra $50 for Echo, and you don’t care about some of its aforementioned shortcomings.

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Amazon Tap Review: Say hello to my little friend and new traveling pal

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

“Oh my God. It’s another one.”

It’s clear. First, tall, slim Echo. Then short, squat Dot. Now diminutive, talkative Harness.

But far from really being a simple Echo Mini Me, Tap has unique attributes all its own. And despite some frustrations (mainly with the awkward Alexa app), Amazon Tap could become your traveling buddy — whether that travel is between your home’s rooms or hotels on the road. Pat fulfills its promise as a quality mobile streaming WiFi and Bluetooth loudspeaker, and functions almost as well for Alexa voice command -and-response as its stationary sibs.

Tapping on outside of the carton

If you’ve ever seen an Echo, opening Amazon Tap’s carton is a surprise — not merely at how short Pat is, but how thin. Pat is two thirds the height and diameter of an Echo, and weighs about a pound. That’s more than a half-pound less than Echo. And where Dot is basically a squashed Echo with the same width, the six-inch tall Pat is smaller in every dimension, which makes it simple to hold and carry.

It’s “nearly,” because in the event you want to take total advantage of its own portability, you must shell out another $20 for a Sling cover that is rubberized to safeguard Harness from bumps and falls. At least you can select a colour.

Charging is straightforward. Set the Exploit onto the cradle and it charges up to its estimated nine-hour battery life. The charging cable plugs right into the back close to the power button, if Tap’s in its sling.

Setup instructions are excessively minimalist, in Amazon’s fashion that is typical, with a tiny inbox folder, and rely too heavily on the balky Alexa smartphone app. Even having experience setting up Dot and Echo doesn’t really help. Hold the power button to turn Tap on? Um, where’s the power button? How long do I hold it? Amazon, and Alexa, are silent on this and other potentially useful ease-of-set up issues.

Yet the voice that greets is all recognizable Alexa: “Hello. Your Tap is ready for set up. Just follow the instructions in your Alexa app.”

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

And this is where Exploit frustrates. The in-app directions just don’t operate as expected. The app isn’t smart enough to understand I desire to connect the new Harness to an identical network though “Frank’s Echo Dot” and “Frank’s Echo” are shown as online within the app’s settings. Instead, I’m compelled to reenter the WiFi password that is identical long, then an “error enrolling device is returned by the app,” I exit setup, I re-enter set up, and unexpectedly “Frank’s Faucet” appears and is shown as being joined.

Oh, and the brief in-app “Intro to Tap on ” video it wants to show me? It really never gets beyond an infinitely loading rotating circle icon.

But at least Tap is ready to really go. Verdict: Fine hardware, but Amazon continues to get room for development on its flaky Alexa app.

Under my thumb, and control

Pat has a double function in life, both to channel Alexa’s awesome cloud voice and brain (well recorded elsewhere), and to be a far better mobile speaker than the first Echo.

TapportsPairing with my Google Nexus 5X was simple and straightforward. Under Bluetooth settings in the Alexa app, I followed Tap’s spoken prompts and chose “Enter matching mode”. I seemingly also could have pressed the Bluetooth/WiFi button on the back to commence the connection procedure.

Streaming via my smartphone was equally flawless: I listened to WAMU in Washington, D.C. through the TuneIn app, and played Electric Light Orchestra tunes on the Rhapsody app (don’t judge). Both of the soft touch volume controls in addition to Tap worked as expected with Rhapsody on Bluetooth, as did the person Next (“>>”>>) , Previous (buttons.

These lid-top controls, too, are different than on the Echo and Dot, owing to Pat’s mobile loudspeaker purpose. Echo and Dot each have a volume ring to turn that lights up. When touching Pat’s top to adjust volume, its five blue LED lights come on to affirm the press.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

But what about Alexa? Not because by invoking her name Pat on might inadvertently turn, as with Dot and Echo. But because saying “Alexa” will not trigger Alexa on Tap.

Rather than that, you press — or “ tap” — the button with a microphone icon on the front to issue your command. No leading “Alexa” required. When it’s pressed, Tap reacts with a tone, you speak, and Wiretap afterward validates it comprehends your request using a second tone.

The end result is still what you anticipate. Delightfully, Pat found and recited the news briefing I’d already configured for Echo and Dot immediately (the proven fact that Pat is registered to exactly the same Amazon account has everything to do with that), streamed music from my Amazon Music library and spouted a few Wikipedia facts, all over my WiFi connection.

And the audio is incredibly great. It filled my home office free of trouble.

But one critical evaluation remained: Road trip portability.

On the road

I travel a good deal. Usually, I take a Jam HMDX Bluetooth speaker, a gift from my son, to avoid crappy (or non-existent) resort radios and tinny smartphone and notebook audio.

Tucking the Pat into its green Sling like a water bottle into a holder, I rolled it up in clothes and carried it on board in my bag, determining to leave the charger at home to see how great the battery life truly was.

Unscathed and TapHotel1Unpacked, Tap’s first task was to connect to the resort WiFi. Sadly, the Alexa app once again displayed its flakiness, compelling me to go backward and forward repeatedly between signal-in the app to get it to accept the resort network and screens, even though all measures were followed precisely. It’s no more easy connecting Tap to WiFi on the road than at home, which is unlucky for a device that is mobile.

I didn’t attempt that, although tap does have a choice to connect to a smartphone’s mobile hotspot for WiFi instead.

In operation, Pat seemed great — far better than the Jam HMDX. It was suitable use or to play anything I would generally get through Alexa at home, from local and music weather to Alexa’s hundreds of skills that are “.” And I did as I normally do on the road, freeing up my Nexus 5X for other jobs, n’t need to use the smartphone as an intermediary between loudspeaker and sound.

The one disadvantage that became more evident on the road than at home was the need to press the Talk button whenever I desired to give Tap a new order. That generally meant walking across the hotel room, even to advance to another song. It’s if it may create the Alexa equivalent of an Caps Lock button for sequential Pat voice commands, an annoyance Amazon may have the ability to address in the future.

Having said that, Tap passed the traveling pal test. Best of all, it changed back to my home WiFi network automatically.

The Alexa family portrait

The $130 Amazon Tap is a smart alternative for those who would like intelligent voice features are ’sed by Alexa united with an impressive mobile Bluetooth/WiFi speaker. (To get complete use, the actual cost is $150, because you’ll desire the “elective” $20 Sling to carry it around.) The awkward-yet- Alexa app that is essential is Tap’s largest handicap.

Is a bit more confusing where it fits into Amazon’s Alexa speaker family from an audio point of view, and Amazon hasn’t exactly made the differences easy to understand. The initial $180 Echo has WiFi or Bluetooth sound in, but simply its own loudspeakers out. The $90 Echo Dot has WiFi or Bluetooth sound in, and Bluetooth or wired audio out. Now Tap has Bluetooth, WiFi, and sound that is wired like Echo, just its own loudspeakers, although in out.

Still, for flexibility, portability, and functionality, Amazon Tap strikes a nice balance. It probably will replace my road warrior-weary Jam loudspeaker.

Once I figure out how to describe that needless to say, to my son.

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Amazon Tap review: Alexa’s magic is gone

The Tap does not capture the appeal of the other devices of Amazon

Even if you’ve only viewed Alec Baldwin’s commercials for it, or if you have an Amazon Echo, you are aware this gadget talks back when you address it by name. Alexa, play some relaxing music. Alexa, purchase more paper towels for me.

Last week, Amazon sent a device that doesn’t answer to anyone, regardless of what you call it. Except it merely works when you reach out and tap a button on it before speaking — you don’t even need to bother saying “Alexa” out loud after you hit the button.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Amazon Tap is a black cylinder that measures about the height of a sizable glass of plain water. It’s a little briefer than the $149.99 UE Boom 2 and visibly smaller, all around, than the $179.99 Amazon Echo. My favourite characteristic of the Tap is its included charging cradle, which saves you the hassle of reaching behind sofa or a desk when this matter runs out of juice to untangle a charging cable. Amazon estimates since it sleeps when it’s not being used, and that the Pat’s battery will last for nine hours of music playback, and it regularly dropped back in its cradle to charge, I was never surprised by a battery that was dead.

The idea for the Amazon Tap is compelling: you get a reasonable Bluetooth loudspeaker that also happens to do some smart things that is assistant. However, this notion only works adequately. The sound quality of the Tap’s Dolby- powered, omnidirectional speakers is fair, at best, for listening to music. And every time that I played the same song on the UE Boom 2 and it, the latter sounded much richer with more powerful bass and general sound. While the UE Boom 2 may be paired with another UE Boom 2 to play the same music streamed from one source, Amazon Pats can’t pair with one another. The UE Boom 2 also boasts a better battery life (15 hours in comparison with nine hours), and it’s waterproof (the Pat is not).

Once in a while, I enjoyed using the Tap’s physical buttons to quickly skip a tune, correct volume, or check battery life (simultaneously press the and – volume buttons) without saying a word. But pressing a button to talk to Alexa can get frustrating. Using it’d feel natural, in case the Pat could automatically switch into listening mode when docked in its cradle.

I set up the Pat’s charging cradle in my kitchen, but taken the loudspeaker around my house and outside — most of the time so that I could bring meh-sounding music with me. This could possibly be seen as more convenient than the Amazon Echo, which can hear your Alexa calls from 20 feet away but remains plugged-in and anchored in one place. Sure, using the Wiretap’s Alexa prompts to do these things feels more graceful. However a big piece of that Alexa expertise comes from never using your hands to do anything, and the Wiretap takes some of that magic away.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Five miniature dots on the very best border of the Tap light up, so you know she’s listening, when you press the Tap’s mike button to speak to Alexa. These dots change and gleam in blue-green colors as Alexa reacts, giving the Exploit a suggestion of character. This app shows you a visual history of everything you’ve requested links to get additional information or to tell the app it heard you right, as well as Alexa.

Your Harness must be connected to Wi Fi to use Alexa’s results. This means that in the event you bring the speaker with you to listen to music while you’re out on a picnic or bike ride, you can’t request Alexa what the elements will soon be like for the remainder of the day. Obviously, you may tether your Exploit to a telephone for Wi-Fi, but chances are you’ll live without Alexa. I find her useful in my home, anyhow, so this constraint that is Tap isn’t a huge deal to me. And really, if you’re going to mess around with turning on tethering in your phone, you may as well just use your telephone’s personal assistant, like Siri.

Amazon sells $19.99 silicone covers called Slings that are made to protect your Bug from damaging drops. I tried a green sling (it also comes in black, blue, magenta, tangerine, and white), and its built-in hook provides a simple solution to hang this 16.6-oz speaker from a back pack. However, the Tap doesn’t charge in its charging cradle while it’s wearing a Sling, so you’ll need to take off the Sling to do this — or jump the cradle and plug the Harness directly into its USB charging cable.

Meanwhile, the UE Boom 2 has built in fenders on its top, bottom, and side to protect it from falls. Additionally, it has a built in hook. So the $130 Amazon Tap plus $20 Sling costs the same as a $150 UE Boom 2.

You’ll be disappointed, if you’re purchasing the Amazon Tap in hopes of receiving an Echo for $50 less. The magic of the far-field voice recognition — calling requests to Alexa from 20 feet across a room — is completely lost when you’re forced to walk up to this device and press a button on it to do anything Alexa-connected. And even in the event that you don’t think you’ll use the Tap’s Alexa attributes, you’ll still be better off with a different Bluetooth loudspeaker that offers better sound.


Without Alexa’s effortless, voice-prompted smarts, the Amazon Tap is missing the polish that comes with the Echo experience. The effect just feels rough.

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Amazon Tap review: A disappointing follow up to an excellent smart-home device

This past year, when we reviewed the Amazon Echo, we hailed it as the most effective home based voice-managed merchandise in the consumer level. It’s become strong since then and much more versatile. Your home’s smart light can be controlled by it, lock your lock that is smart, play with music, provide weather forecasts, purchase a pizza, and much more. It’s so useful, we called many people would need greater than one Echo in their own home.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fast forward a year as well as the Echo is a bona fide success. With a built in loudspeaker, it comes like the Echo. More to the point, the Pat is powered by Amazon’s cloud-based, voice-activated digital helper, Alexa, which is always developing new attributes.

The Tap, unfortunately, suffers from a major defect that keeps it from being the small flavor of the future that qualifies its mature, more-expensive sibling. In summary, we can’t advocate it.

What’s it?

The Amazon Tap is a mobile battery powered portal site and Bluetooth loudspeaker to Amazon’s strong Alexa virtual helper.

It’s compact and light enough that I didn’t think twice about throwing it in my back pack. It’s a strong, well-constructed piece of hardware. On the go, you can bill the Faucet via USB cable that is micro. At home, you can plunk it on the very top of its own billing base (but you’ll should eliminate the Sling, first). Amazon says that you will be yielded by a total fee about nine hours of use. I uncovered this approximation to be fairly precise.

Track controls the Tap’s volume, and status lights are on the very top of the device. There’s a mini-USB matching buttons on the rear of its own cylindrical body and charging port, an auxiliary input jack, and power.

The matching button serves two functions: a single drive sets the Harness into Bluetooth-matching mode. You’ll need a connection to the web as a way to utilize Alexa.) Matching the Harness with my iPhone SE couldn’t have been more easy. After downloading the Amazon Alexa app, I was directed via the set up procedure by onscreen and sound prompts in significantly less than five full minutes.

Its largest shortcoming

The capacity to achieve such tasks using simply your voice is among the Echo’s main draws. It’s something we’ve dreamed of since the first science fiction stories. Needing before voicing your request to push a button?

I found the Tap performed to mid volume after listening to an extensive array of music. Shove on the volume and you’ll begin to hear distortion. Actually, I found the music I listened to on the Pat at middling amounts that were sound lacked the form of aural separation that makes me joyful. “Low Life,” from the X Ambassadors’ record VHS, is a low end heavy track. Breathe life could be n’ted by the Pat into the music. Bruce Springsteen’s “Working on the Highway, from Born in the USA ”, do a little better. Sadly, when I did so, I was discovered the Pat made the tune sound dirty and strained.

In the event you purchase one?

It’s not. Without handsfree access to Alexa, and with sound abilities that are even more lackluster, the Pat is more of an electronic interest when compared to a virtual requirement. Spend the additional cash on the Amazon Echo in case you wish to bring Alexa into your home. You’ll be considerably more happy with your investment.

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Really simple to set up
Attractive industrial design


Missing the finest attribute of the Echo: Handsfree access to Alexa
Poor sound quality compared to comparably priced loudspeakers
Protective case costs $20 additional, covers the charging contacts on the underside

Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker Gallery

BUY NOW Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker