Console And pC Gamers: The New Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition Is For You

Note: I used to work for Amazon and own a gen one Fire TV, so I am probably biased.

Likely people from the console/PC gaming bunch. In the event you had asked me this question two weeks ago, I’d have said “anyone who wants or desires a streaming box,” but since the Apple Keynote, I think it makes sense for the majority of buyers to wait until both the new Fire TV and new Apple TV are outside in late October.

The original Fire TV is an extremely clever device. It’s apparently quicker than every other streaming box on the marketplace; the Amazon Video integration is top-notch; it feels more premium in relation to the $99 price tag. Most of all, for this question: I was truly surprised by the character of the gaming experience. The control beat against my expectations, and also the games I’ve played consistently perform well, with frame rates that appear to stay in the 20-30 range. And there is something awe-inspiring about watching screens like the one below plastered on your 55″ TV coming from a tiny black box, especially when it’s sitting next to my games consoles.

Given, games seem just as great (if a bit smaller) on my iPad Air 2. However, the iPad is hand-held, and while it is possible to make it behave like a sofa console, I don’t think it is worth it. So I gue–oh, right, Apple TV now includes games. That may be a big damn deal if some or the majority of the iOS game library is coming to the family room.

I think what developers do with it, and it’ll come to the controller. The Fire TV benefits from having a normal controller. Anybody who has used a console begin playing intuitively and can pick up a Fire controller. I imagine this simplifies game development and games console porting. The intricacy of the Fire controller allows for the granular control that many game types call for, especially compared to a multi-touch interface.

Some of the buttons are not as responsive as I Had like, and the directional controls have always felt stiff. I am hoping Amazon made developments with the revamped control bundled with the Fire TV Gaming Edition.


The new Apple TV doesn’t get a control. Apple updated to the new “Siri Remote” with a touch-enabled surface, and that is how we’ll interact with our games. Even if their partners as well as Apple do an excellent job, they are going to most likely lag in music genres like actions, FPS, and fighting.

Other thoughts

No SKUs of the original Fire TV shipped with the controller, but Amazon is definitely doubling down on it in generation 2. That gives a stronger signal for how users will interact with their titles to programmers.

I’m confident that both Fire TV and Apple TV will have amazing integration with iOS devices and FireOS, respectively. However there’s a iOS device in the majority of dwellings I know of, and I can just think of a few of families with Fire devices.
As Apple releases more iOS-enabled devices, I picture iOS developers are challenged by the increasing variety of display sizes, interfaces, etc. they must adapt.

Nonetheless, Fire TV has rapidly gained share, and Apple TV is declining. The new variations may alter that, this market is volatile, but that has to shift the choice economics for developers. Amazon gets nearly all major game launches at precisely the same time as Android/iOS, but the total library sizes aren’t similar.


Pros and Cons of Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote


Inexpensive. Includes a voice remote. Amazon Alexa and voice search are extremely useful. Speedy functionality.


Losing some notable flowing services.


Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick comes with an Alexa, and is more rapid and more affordable than ever -enabled voice remote out of the carton, making it the best budget-friendly media streamer you can purchase.

Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon launched the Fire TV Stick two years back, offering a mic-equipped remote as part of a premium $60 bundle or as an optional accessory. Its latest media streamer—and its only one for sale in “stick” type—comes using a remote from the box that provides you access to voice search and Amazon’s Alexa voice helper. In addition, it features an upgraded quad-core processor, and maybe most notable of all is available for only $39.99. Despite a number of omissions in streaming programs, the Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote readily offers enough in the way of value and features to make it our new Editors’ Choice for budget media streamers.

Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote Review


The new Fire TV Stick $39.99 at Amazon is just a hair wider than the previous version, at 3.4 by 1.1 by 0.5 inches (HWD), but otherwise seems identical. Itis a simple black plastic rectangle with the HDMI plug on one end and a micro USB port on one side. As a stick intended to plug into the back part of your tv, have any actual controls or screen or it will not need to look remarkable.

The included voice remote seems to be the exact same remote that was available for the stick that was prior. It is a 5.9-inch flat black plastic wand with a sleek circle near the top that serves as a navigation pad, with a clickable Support button in the facility. A Mic button sits with a pinhole mic for talking into above that, above the pad. Menu and playback controls sit below the navigation pad.

fire tv stick
fire tv stick – credit: amazon

Should you would rather control the Fire TV Stick with your smartphone or tablet computer you can use the Amazon Fire TV Remote app for Android and iOS. It is much more straightforward compared to the remote program combined with Roku devices, mostly supplying a touchpad for menu navigation, a couple of playback controls, a voice search function by means of your device’s mic, and (most useful should you have to enter login info) an onscreen keyboard. It doesn’t offer private listening like the Roku program does, so you can listen to what you’re watching with a set of headphones plugged into it which streams sound through your smartphone or tablet PC. Because the Fire TV Stick supports Bluetooth, however, you’re able to just couple a group of Bluetooth headphones right with all the stick to get the same function.

BUY Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

It is all you need to begin streaming media, short of the TV itself.

Amazon uses a greatly modified model of Android the same as you’ll find in all other Fire TV devices, in the new Fire TV Stick. The interface is currently indistinguishable across the devices, with both apps and content and a notable navigation bar on the left side of the display organized categorically into rows that expand to fill the screen when you choose them. That will transform with an upcoming software update that’ll make the Fire TV interface look and act more in line with Sony’s connected tvs and Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield Android TV. When it rolls out after this year, we’ll update this review having a comprehensive look at the newest interface.

As an Amazon product, Amazon Prime users get plenty of benefits before installing any programs baked into the Fire TV Stick, even. Videos on Amazon could be accessed straight from the stick’s interface, so you could merely jump into anything you would like to watch (if it is on Prime). While Spotify is not available, you can access Amazon Music Unlimited (which is $9.99 for a monthly subscription, or $7.99 with Prime) to stream loads of music through your tv and any connected speakers. You may also get a limited amount of complimentary music through Prime.

As with other Fire TV devices, the Fire TV Stick runs on the limited variant of the app of Amazon store in place of Google Play for each of its own apps and services. Most leading streaming services are available, including (of course) Amazon, HBO NOW, Hulu, Netflix, Sling, and YouTube. It’s missing a few notable services, though, like Google Play, Crunchyroll, Spotify, and Vudu, all of which are available on Roku.
Since it is still essentially an Android device there are several esoteric techniques for sideloading your own .apk files and installing any app you need (to changing success depending on integration using the remote control along with other variables). I installed Crunchyroll without a trouble, but when the program was started by me it seemed as a portrait-format smartphone app and didn’t display an onscreen cursor, making it unusable.

BUY Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

Any shortcomings in the Fire TV app store are made up for by the strong voice helper and search functions. You are able to search for movies, shows, and programs by simply speaking into it by holding down the Mic button on the remote.

Alexa can hunt based on show and movie titles, actor and director names, and comprehensive genres and topics (though the more obscure your requests really are, the less reliable the results will be). The voice search feature spans across 90 different programs and services including Netflix and Hulu, and the Fire TV Stick keeps track of any subscriptions you may have and front-loads search results to emphasize content accessible on those services. Search results still lean toward Amazon’s own on demand and video libraries that are immediate when they’re available, but it’s a useful and complete way to try to find whatever you may want to observe.

You find out sports scores, can check the weather, bring up Wikipedia advice, as well as add items to your own shopping list. You can also add skills to Alexa for additional attributes, like directing you through a Johnnie Walker whiskey tasting, or ordering a pizza through Domino’s. Thirdparty skills change wildly in functionality and usefulness, but they really add to what you can do with the Fire TV Stick.

Voice recognition is outstanding. It brought up search results for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gundam, and Voltron with no issue, gave me a weather forecast for the forthcoming week, and told me when the upcoming presidential debate would be. It’s impressively accurate and responsive for a $40 streaming device.

Performance is helped in part by a brand new quad-core processor that speeds up things over the previous model. Browsing menus is not quite as fast as it is with the 4K-capable Fire TV box$89.99 at Amazon, and the stick can only output up to 1080p video, but it’s an appreciable upgrade (with a much more reasonable price than the Fire TV). I ‘d no issue flipping between different apps and fast loading pictures and shows.

Like all media streamers, particularly ones that only use Wi-Fi, video quality depends on the speed and signal strength of your network.

Comparisons and Decisions

The Amazon Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote is the only finest value in a media streamer we have seen yet.

BUY Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote review

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote review: A peppier central processing unit makes this streamer rewarding

Before Amazon’s second-generation Fire TV Stick showed up for review, I thought it could be the affordable streaming device to overcome. Amazon has claimed a 30 percent performance increase over the original Fire TV Stick, whose biggest problem was sluggishness. Programs were prone to bouts of stuttering and freezing, and took a long time to load. The device didn’t look built to last in an age of increasingly sophisticated streaming apps such as PlayStation Vue and Sling TV.

The 2016 Fire TV Stick—still priced at $40—eases those dilemmas, but it does they are completely solved by n’t. And while interface and Amazon’s apps are forward-thinking, they lack a number of Google’s Chromecast worth contemplating and or the nice touches that make competing devices including the latest Roku Streaming Stick.

A mild upgrade

In comparison with the first-generation Fire TV Stick, the 2016 variation is somewhat larger, not that the size issues substantially.

All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player

There’s a new 1.3GHz quad-core processor inside, a step up from 1.0GHz dual-core in the first Fire TV Stick. The hardware upgrade is enough to keep dwelling display animations running easily, and also to prevent the more egregious performance hang ups that made particular programs borderline unusable using the prior Fire TV Stick.

An HDMI extension cable is included in case any ports that are nearby are blocked by the stick.

Where the new stick struggles that said, you might see times. HBO Go, for example, appears particularly stutter-inclined, and app loading times all together can border on annoying. PlayStation Vue is one of the offenders that are bigger, taking around 20 seconds to get up and running.

On the other hand, the Vue program on Fire TV is much superior to the Roku variant complete.

Amazon has additionally upgraded the Wifi to 802.11ac. It’s possible this feature isn’t whole yet.

The other big improvement is in the remote: You get a voice-enabled “Alexa” remote by default. (Amazon was selling this as a $10 upgrade with the old Fire TV Stick.) The newest remote is comfier and has a more premium feel than the prior default remote, also it empowers some powerful software features that I’ll dive into after. On the downside, it still doesn’t have any kind of built in volume control, so you’ll should keep the TV remote (or a Sideclick) easy.

BUY Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

At this time, there’s not much point in critiquing the Fire TV Stick user interface, because it’s about to get a significant facelift. But even from then on occurs, the typical thought isn’t going to change: Amazon is more interested in pulling film and TV recommendations onto the home screen than pushing you out to heaps of siloed apps.

This used to mean that Amazon would simply bombard you with recommendations from its Prime video service, scattering thumbnails over the great majority of the principal menu. While promising more streaming services to come last month, nevertheless, Amazon added HBO and Netflix Go recommendations to the dwelling display. This emphasis on content over apps is how streaming video should operate, and Amazon has traveled further down that road than anyone else.

Its recommendations are no longer limited by the Fire TV home screen to Amazon Video.

Amazon has also bulked up its voice managements, adding new content sources (including Netflix) and an ever-expanding list of skills via its Alexa virtual helper. You can use the voice remote control light bulbs and your smart thermostat, call an Uber, to play music, or order more diapers, among other things.

Regrettably, some old criticisms of Amazon’s voice search haven’t gone away: Amazon still hides alternative content sources behind a “more ways to see” button, and there’s no way to get a quick look at which seasons of a show are available on which flowing service. And while Alexa is great at hunting down movies shows, celebrities, directors and apps, it’s lacking the advanced genre search powers of Apple TV. Failure to integrate with other Alexa devices additionally may seem like a missed opportunity, with no method to synchronize music or tell Amazon Echo to start playing a video.

Playing music on the Fire TV Stick is nice, but whole-home sound via Amazon Echos would be finer.

BUY Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

Elevating the stick game

Amazon’s first Fire TV Stick got a middling review the past time we checked in on it, as competing devices had raised the bar for media streamers that were affordable.

The most recent Roku Streaming Stick, as an example, is a superb value at $50. Even though it lacks Amazon’s high quality programs and forward-thinking interface, and it does n’t incorporate a voice remote, it feels a lot faster than even the new Fire TV Stick. It also has some smart flourishes including private headphone listening through your smartphone, of its own, and a committed “rewind 10 seconds with closed captions” button.

And then there is Google’s Chromecast that is $35. It doesn’t want to, although it hasn’t changed a whole lot. By offloading navigation to the apps on your own phone or tablet, low-cost hardware is enabled by Chromecast without compromise. In addition, it incorporates with Google’s new smart- home device, Google Dwelling, much more efficiently than the Fire TV incorporates with Amazon’s Echo. (We’ll have a hands on review of the new 4K Chromecast Ultra shortly.)

The second-generation Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t mop the floor with its adversaries, but its hardware has improved enough—and its user interface has advanced enough—to nudge the marketplace ahead while at the same time making your purchasing decision a bit more agonizing.

BUY Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote