Fire Kids Edition 7 inches Tablet Review

The Cons

Short battery life; Sluggish operation; Low resolution screen


The $99 Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet PC comes with heaps of kid-friendly content, remarkable parental controls along with a two-year guarantee, but it won’t last long on a charge.

Junior has been begging you to get a tablet PC, but you’re not prepared to spend $150 (or much more) on something he is going to ruin in a week. With all the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet PC, you do not have to stress. This $99 tablet PC comes with tons of packed, kid-friendly content along with a two-year guarantee that if your little Conan the Destroyer manages to break the tablet computer, it will be replaced by Amazon. However, you will need to forfeit fast performance and long battery life.


The 7-inch Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet computer is actually the $50 Amazon Fire tablet enveloped in a lasting, removable foam casing. It’s possible for you to find the pink or blue case, which features rounded, firm edges that give me confidence in its durability. Without suffering any ill effects, in fact, it fell from my desk several times onto carpet.

Huge cutouts enable access to the volume and power buttons, together with the charging port, headphone jack, camera and speaker. The diamond pattern on the back of the case feels soft, and I envision small hands will find it fascinating to touch.

I believe it could be simple for small hands to grab it and carry it around. Should you remove the case because Junior has outgrown it, the Fire Kids becomes slicker, at 7.5 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches.

Beneath the wrapping, you’ll view a microSD card slot for adding to the 8GB of onboard memory (but just 5GB can be obtained to the user). It supports as much as a 128GB card.

Amazon is either so assured regarding the Fire Kids’ building quality — or it’s so affordable to make — that all Fire Kids tablet computers have a two-year guarantee.


The Fire Kids sports a 2-megapixel shooter on the back, while a VGA camera sits over the display on the front. Me impressed. All of the shots cityscapes, took on a purplish hue, and had edges that are somewhat blurry. The selfie camera on the front, presumably to be used over Skype, made me look like when I snapped a pic inside, I ‘d green hair and psoriasis.

Battery Life

Amazon maintains the Fire should endure for up to 7 hours of miscellaneous use (reading, surfing the Web, watching videos and listening to music). The tablet computer lasted 6 hours and 42 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (Web surfing over Wi Fi). That is 2 hours less in relation to the pill average, and 2.5 hours shorter than the Nabi Elev-8 and the Fire HD 6 Kids Edition.

Bottom Line

Tablets can be a kid’s favored tool for enjoyment and education, but without great parental controls, they are able to also be a parent’s worst nightmare.

Display and Sound

The Fire Kids 7-inch screen does not look fuzzy or washed out, even though the resolution is only 1024 x 600 pixels. After I watched videos like Shaun the Sheep and played games, images looked sharp and colours were vivid, even at extreme angles. The Fuhu Nabi Elev-8’s display is a bit sharper, having a resolution of 1280 x 600 pixels.

We quantified the Fire Kids tablet computer with our colorimeter. We recorded a high degree of color accuracy (1.4, when 0 is perfect), but not a broad colour gamut range (69 percent, where 100 percent is better). The Fuhu Nabi Elev-8 is less exact (2.2) but reveals a wider variety of colors (74 percent).

The older $150 Fire HD 6 Kids Edition tablet computer, which you may still be able to find for sale of Amazon, sports a higher 1280 x 800-pixel resolution on a smaller 6-inch screen.

I used to not expect much from the single speaker on the Fire tablet, and “nothing much” is just what I got. Lorde’s vocals in “Royals” was flat, with zero bass. Gameplay audio was enough.


For parents, Fire OS 5 is intuitive and simple to understand. Each class of content (Publications, Video, Games, Shop, Apps, Music, Audiobooks and Newsstand) gets its miniature carousel of recently accessed items. Below that carousel sits a couple of suggested content from Amazon’s recommendations engine that is geared toward the primary parent’s Amazon profile. A prominent link to the Amazon shop sits on the top-right corner of each and every page.

Blue Shade is a fresh feature available on all Fire tablets targeted at rendering it more easy on your eyes when you are reading during the nighttime. The whole screen takes on a orangelike, sepia look which I discovered really offputting to take a look at once you’ve empowered Blue Shade during the quick settings menu, but it didn’t keep me up at night.

The Fire Kids tablet computer is made to be shared by every person in the household. You create up to four children’s accounts to share a family group library of content, which can be customized by individual and can link two adult Amazon accounts. That means each person may have her or his own apps along with other content ready when entering their profiles. To switch to a kid’s account, tap on the FreeTime app that’s on the first row of the house display, then specify which profile to open. But you will want to test the parental-controls interface in the Settings menu.

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Parental Controls

Amazon has consistently offered the most extensive parental controls of any tablet PC designed for kids. By default, a child’s profile doesn’t have access to social apps, email, contacts, the Silk browser or the camera. You are able to password-protect purchases (including in-program purchases), Wi-Fi access, location-based services and video playback.

I like which you can set time limits for specific forms of content and even establish educational goals, such as making certain your child reads for 30 minutes before he or she is allowed to play a game. The tablet computer is smart enough to designate present content, like apps and publications, as kid-friendly. Until the educational aims of a day are met, you’re able to even block all amusement content. And you can set a curfew that turns the tablet computer off at a given day and time to indicate it’s time to go to sleep.

An update to Fire OS 5 brings a new kid-friendly browser which includes more than 40,000 curated, age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites that parents can customize farther. Even though it took a few seconds the tile interface will probably be simple for children to browse. We couldn’t get into anything that wasn’t on the preapproved list to load, and that included,, and The Daily Beast. Nevertheless, the accepted list is robust and family-friendly, and comprises PBS Kids,, and many more.

Amazon revamped its parental-tellings section, which the company currently calls Activity Center. Via a tablet PC, smartphone or PC, parents can see to access the tablet computer’s info. You will find a way to view just how much time the family is reading, playing or watching videos on the Fire tablet computer, but also what books, videos and games the kids are using.

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Some perks are offered by Amazon ‘s Fire tablets all, especially for Amazon Prime members. No one beats on the content strategy of Amazon. Prime members ($99 per year) get use of more than 38 million movies, TV episodes, songs, novels, programs, games and much more. Amazon also bundles a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited using its Children tablet computer. That means endless accessibility to 10,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational programs and games.

The Fire tablet PC also can tap into Amazon’s Mayday-powered customer service through screen sharing. When you call customer service, a tech support agent can connect to your own tablet computer to walk you through attributes or show you the way to mend something.

You are able to register for FreeTime Unlimited with no Fire Kids tablet computer, but it will definitely cost you $60 per year for one child or $120 for up to four. Prime members get a reduction ($36 per year for just one child, or $84 for as much as four). However, the firm charges you $4.99 per month ($60 per year) from the beginning.

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Powered by way of a 1.3-GHz quad core ARM Cortex A7 and 1GB of RAM, the Fire tablet can be slow to react, particularly when opening programs and changing profiles. But it is going to suffice for viewing videos, reading or playing games such as the one where you wreak havoc as an electronic goat in Goat Simulator.

On Geekbench 3, which measures general functionality, the Fire scored 1,158, which is quite far below the group average of 2,672, as well as the Nabi Elev-8 (2,220). The mature Fire HD 6 Kids scored a somewhat higher 1,462 as well. That means the Fire unquestionably doesn’t have the zip to it that other tablets do.


The Amazon Appstore provides a curated version of the Google Play shop, with more than 300,000 apps and games. But in addition to that, Fire owners get preloaded access to the new Subterranean shop of Amazon. In a tab of the store that is regular, you’ll see free programs and in-app purchases, which cost cash. Amazon claims Belowground is home to more than $10,000 in apps, games and in-program purchases. For instance, Goat Simulator ($4.99) and Monument Valley ($1.99) are free, as are Monument Valley’s added amounts ($1.99).

Amazon’s shop — regular or Belowground — is not tremendous, but it does have some staples, such as Evernote, Facebook, HBO Go and Netflix. I did miss Google Drive and also the Chrome browser . Of the top 20 free and top 20 paid programs from each list in Google Play, three are missing from your Amazon Appstore.

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Pros and cons Fire Kids Edition Tablet review

Updated: Amazon lauched new Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB


Fire For Children content is striking

2-year warranty


Enormous cost premium over standard HD 6

No screen protector

BUY NOW Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7 inches Display, 16 GB



You can’t help but notice how many kids playing with their parents’ or – the blessed blighters – cheapo Android tablets or their very own iPads. What, you haven’t discovered? Well, Amazon obviously has, and is currently offering a child-targeted tablet package. It’s essentially an Amazon Fire HD 6 with a couple of additional extras.

Most clearly, you get a chunky case in a range of pink or blue, but there’s also a year’s subscription to Amazon Fire For Kids Unlimited, giving access to your load of kiddy-friendly content. Really probably most attractive, and finally, is a two-year guarantee that guarantees a replacement tablet following any breakage, no questions asked.

Yet, those extras come in a fairly significant price premium, with the 8GB model weighing in at the 16GB version at £139 and also £119. That’s compared to £79/£99 for the regular HD 6. This had better be worth it…


At the center of the package is the Fire that is conventional HD 6, which we’ve described in detail 6 review. It’s a fairly heavy, chunky 6-inch pill. It feels better built than most, though, once it’s squished into the furnished Kids Edition case and its particular size and weight problems aren’t so useful.

image credited Amazon

BUY NOW Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7 inches Display, 16 GB

Amazon Fire For Kids 4

On the most notable is the power button, a Micro USB charging port, a 3.5mm headphone outlet and the miniature hole for the microphone. There’s a rather thick black bezel round the display, in which will be the front-facing camera, while you’ll also discover a camera on the back, in addition to a mono speaker.

I am reminded by the Kids Edition case of a car dashboard, a little rubbery but nevertheless firm, and textured with that, dimply pattern that is grainy. Right in the box it has that new-car smell.

Fitting it involves simply squeezing it over the edges of the Fire HD 6, which can be easy enough. The lips that secure the case within the tablet are negligible, which means that you are able to pop the case on and off . I worried at first about that. The pill then pop out and possibly take a knock anyhow, but although serious damage might be prevented by that huge rubber bumper from a preliminary impact? I tried dropping it on a few different surfaces, but it stayed put.

But although the case protrudes in the front to help prevent harm there’s nothing to reduce a direct hit from a table corner or random pointy toy lying on the ground. I’d have liked to have seen a display guard bundled in, rather than as a £9.99 optional extra.

Amazon Fire For Children 3

In a great world, the case might possess an easy kickstand to hold the HD 6 upwards on a table for video screening. Practically, though, that would likely demand a protruding part that’s readily snapped off, so I will understand why Amazon has chosen to keep things uncomplicated.

images credit : Amazon


Again, there’s not much more to add about the Fire HD 6’s 6-inch screen that we haven’t said already in our original review.

That’s plenty sharp enough, specially for the kind of content with which the Kids Edition will be faced, and it’s also bright, with viewing angles that are decent.

It isn’t the absolute best for reading on which can be ironic when you think about its Kindle heritage.

BUY NOW Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7 inches Display, 16 GB


Fire OS is Amazon’s own operating system, although you’d barely know it, predicated on Android –. This really is really much an Amazon experience, and as such is geared heavily toward buying the company’s wares and using its services. Amazon even has its own app store.

Amazon Fire For Children 8

The homepage is dominated by a central carousel of recently used programs, while shortcuts to Amazon services and any or all important parts are along the most notable.

To get the full rundown how the HD 6 and Fire OS perform in the hands of full-size individuals, head to our overview of the fundamental Fire HD 6.

The HD 6 uses a MediaTek quad-core 1.2GHz processor, with 1GB of RAM, which is readily enough power for a budget tablet computer – notably one that’s meant mainly to be used by children.


That one-year subscription to the Fire For Kids Unlimited service is the real reason this tablet will be loved by young kids. It’s basically a simplified OS within Fire OS, giving access to loads of age-appropriate content.

It’s all very nicely thought out – which causes it to be more of a shame that you simply only get a one-year subscription.

It’s the length of time it will take to download many of the apps, if I have one real complaint about the service itself. The kids at whom these programs are targeted only don’t have the patience to wait, and it’s not made clear enough that something’s downloading. There’s merely a little orange progress bar across the underparts of the the app icon. Clue yells of “Dad, it’s not doing anything!”

Fire For Children is accessed initially just as with some other program from Fire OS. Once it’s fired you up ’re presented with all the choice to add profiles for each of the children who’ll be using the tablet.

Once that child is signed in, they have five choices of content: Characters, and Publications, Videos, Apps, Camera. They can also search by title. Whichever type you choose, the volume of content is remarkable, and full of A-listers.

Browsing by character shows lots of familiar faces: Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Gruffalo, Dora the Explorer and tons more, as well as classes for example Dinosaurs, Trains, Princesses, Sports and, er, Kittens.

My two kids – aged 6 and 3 – didn’t seem overwhelmed by the enormous selection, though. Because way kids have of making you realise they’ll be showing you before you understand it, new tech works, they were casually swiping right to whatever caught their eye and just getting on with it.

You’re additionally in to get a unique treat if you spent much of your youth in the ‘80s. When I spotted, in the Videos section, the whole first show of Mysterious Cities of Gold, my heart leapt with joy. (I still dream occasionally of flying that gold condor…) Additionally, does anyone remember Round the Twist?

There are some customisations you could make regarding what your children can do and for how long. As an example, if there are any specific programs that the child enjoys which are outside the Fire For Kids selection – such as CBeebies Playtime – it is possible to just add them to your child’s programs list. This really is especially helpful for supplying kids that are elderly with some content that is more appropriate, as much of the Fire For Kids stuff looks aimed at youngsters aged 8 and below.

Nevertheless, as a security precaution, you can’t add a web browser to a child’s profile – you’ll need to sign them into an adult user profile in the event you intend to provide internet access to them.

For Kids Settings page inside the Fire, there’s additionally the option to Set Daily Goals & Time Limits. This allows you to define what time of day like a minimum of 30 minutes reading books, and whether you wish to set them a target, your child’s profile can be accessed, for how long per day.

Books download much faster, though, and videos stream instantaneously over Wifi. The latter does mean your little darlings won’t get to watch anything in physician’s waiting room or the car, etc.

If you’re actually following a virtual walled garden in which young kids can play and study, this is a great spot to begin. The fact that the wall shuts out the internet unless you’re signed into an account that is adult may be frustrating on occasion, but there’s so much content that is great in the Fire For Kids service.

Is it worth the huge price premium over the regular HD 6, though? Maybe not.

The two-year warranty is certainly a draw, but the Fire For Kids subscription is just for one year, and the rubber case is arguably only worth a few pounds.

The larger, technically more remarkable Tesco Hudl 2 is around exactly the same price and in addition offers some child safety features, although not the superb free (and ad-free) content.


A good attempt at making a genuinely child-friendly pill, but using an enormous cost premium.

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets 2017 review

Decent functionality for the price that is low, but the true draw is its eat-all-you-need catalog of videos, games, ebooks and apps

The thought of giving a child a £429 device appeared like mad talk when Apple launched its first iPad in 2010. Yet that’s just what happened with that and succeeding tablets.

Fast forward to May 2015, when the UK communications regulator Ofcom that is ’s reported that 71% of British 5-15 year-olds had access to your tablet computer including 34% who had their own one, in the home.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets fell into that pattern too, but now Amazon is launching a specially-for-children device: the Fire HD Kids Edition. It’s a rebranded version of the business’s present Fire HD device, as the particular name makes clear.

BUY NOW Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7 inches Display, 16 GB

It comes with a rubberised case for additional protection against being dropped or flung by an angry child over the room, having a two-year guarantee to replace the device if it does break.

Amazon’s existing parental controls assist you to set limits in your children’s display time on the tablet, while a built-in subscription plan gives them unlimited access to a catalogue of child-friendly programs, games, ebooks as well as videos.

After updating to a newer model oftentimes, parents have passed down the latter, but several producers have launched committed tablet computers for kids also.

LeapFrog’s LeapPad variety, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 Children and the Kurio were three examples, while Tesco’s Hudl tablet computers were in theory directed at families, but in practice were frequently bought by parents because of their children.

The pitch: here is a tablet you may set up for your child, then leave in their own hands safe in the knowledge that they won’t be spending money on in-app purchases, seeing advertising that are inappropriate or accessing social networks.

Great functionality for the price

The Fire HD Kids Edition has a six-inch display, and comes in another with 16GB for £139 and 1 of 2 versions: one with 8GB of storage for £119.

At 360g together with the case, the tablet PC feels reassuringly strong, and bounces without damage when dropped from a table or bunkbed. Its 1280×800-resolution screen and quad-core processor represent good value for its price also.

Good for the type of casual snapshots show off and most kids will desire to take.

The set up procedure is simple and rapid, particularly if you purchased the tablet for yourself rather than received it as a gift – in the previous case, Amazon will preload your account details on the device. You then create individual profiles for your youngsters.

For youngsters, the user interface is easy and clear: a central carousel of their recently- buttons to browse the broader catalogue of publications, videos and apps, and also a search button to immediately find specific things, and accessed content. At any point, swiping down in the top of the screen brings up controls to go back to the homescreen.

As the parent account, you have more options, including email, internet browsing and shopping from Amazon. There’s also a committed program to create limitations in your kids’s use, including a “bedtime” period that locks the device between (for example) 8pm and 8am.

Amazon credited

BUY NOW Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7 inches Display, 16 GB

You can also place daily screen time, but with nuanced managements based on Amazon’s categorization of programs, videos and ebooks as educational or entertainment.

If you want, you’re able to pin down just how much time ahead of the amusement is unlocked, each child must spend on informative content a day. Plus, you can fine tune screen-time: for example letting a child read ebooks as much as they enjoy, but setting a one-hour limit on apps.

There is certainly certainly plenty of content for kids to explore utilizing the Fire for Kids Boundless subscription plan, which is readily available for all Amazon’s tablet computers, although the Fire HD Kids Edition comes with a year’s subscription bundled into its cost.

Normally, it costs £3.99 a month per child or £7.99 for up to four, although Amazon Prime members get discounted rates of £1.99 and £3.99 a month respectively.

You get a great selection of programs from children’s programmers like Toca Boca, StoryToys, Dr Panda and Sago Sago, along with well known brands like Disney, Sesame Street, Dr Seuss and Thomas & Friends.

Your children may gravitate towards the well-known names in the beginning, but there’s an impressive long tail of programs that are independent to use as time goes on. The advantage of not having to purchase apps separately may encourage kids to search the catalogue.

The books section is the same combination of brands (SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a lot of movie tie-ins) with quirkier fare.

Imagine if your children want a program that’sn’t part of the subscription? The initial two programs my sons asked me to install were Minecraft and Crossy Road, which aren’t part of Fire for Kids Unlimited. That is really where you change to your profile, make use of the Fire for Kids app to “add” them to your children, and get them from Amazon’s Appstore ’s libraries.

What this means is you are able to let your kids play “freemium” games (such as Crossy Road) although the tablet PC will block them from buying in-program purchases.


As a robust, tablet computer that is affordable, the Fire HD Kids Edition makes an ideal first tablet for children, with a great balance between kids taking control above their download picks, and parents having the capability to create limits on how they use it.

The built in subscription has lots of good, educational or content that is entertaining to explore, but the flexibility to set up games and other programs is welcome – especially if your kids are reaching peak Minecraft age.

It’d be pleasant to be able to store some of Amazon’s video catalogue for offline viewing ahead of an extended trip or holiday, and I wonder if there is scope to incorporate downloads or music streaming into the subscription in the future. However, as things stand this is one of the best kids’s pills yet.

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Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case Review

The Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case is the Amazon Fire version from Amazon for kids. It offers a powerful performance and boasts of a rugged construction and robust parental controls. This is a low-cost substitute for kids who love to have as much of an enjoyable streaming experience as their parents. The product comes with a display that measures 7 inches, has support for Wi-Fi and a strong case that can keep it protected from all possible accidents and rough usage.

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Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case Review

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case – BUY NOW !Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7' Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case Review

Ease of use

The tablet can easily be used by kids, although it is not very adult-friendly. But that is okay, considering who the product has been designed for. Kids, and even grown-ups, can easily choose the content. A Wi-Fi connection is needed for streaming FreeTime Unlimited content. Children like using the device. Adults can only encounter problems while setting up parental controls. However, if you have used the adult version at sometime – at least any of the predecessors, you will possibly find it easy to maneuver this device.


The product comes with a child-proof case that has been designed to protect it from bumps, drops and other problems that can be encountered while children play. The case is light in weight and long-lasting, and can perfectly fit in small hands without making the Fire tablet weightier. Independent tests have revealed that dropping the tab 10 times from the height of chest can manage to keep it intact.

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case – BUY NOW !Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7' Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case Review


There is multiple-profile support in the tablet and you can choose age-apt content for up to a total of 4 kids. There is 1 year worth of FreeTime Unlimited included at 4.99 per month for non-Amazon Prime members, which lets complete access to age-appropriate streaming media and apps for kids in the 3 – 8 year range. Where features and capabilities are concerned, Amazon does not seem to hold much back.

Parental Control

Parents can relax that kids cannot purchase anything without their permission, given that Web browser access is disabled here. Once parents turn on the Amazon Free Time web browser, children can access more than 40,000 websites and YouTube videos that are age-apt. Usage can be limited by parents and educational goals and content access can be set by them. If you are worried about your kids watching adult content while you are not around, this is just the sort of streaming device that you need to bring home.


The Kids Edition Fire HD from Amazon boasts of wonderful performance. It has a tough construction and consists of robust parental controls. It comes with a 2-year warranty and consists of a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. On the performance front, the tablet stands just like a mid-range tab is supposed to work. Do not expect the tab to match up to the adult counterparts, given that it is a kid-only device. The streaming equipment comes with 8 or 16 GB internal memory, and adding a microSD can extend the storage capacity to 200 GB. So why wait? Go, buy it now!

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case – BUY NOW !Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7' Display, Wi-Fi, Kid-Proof Case Review