SanDisk 64 GB micro SD Memory Card review

Doubles the amount of flash storage previously available for tablet computers and cell phones. Colorful layout that is new is more difficult to lose.

Expensive. May not be compatible with some devices/readers.

The 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card doubles the quantity of storage available for your cell phone and tablet computer ; just ensure you have sufficient data to warrant the price.

I ‘ve a lot of music, although I don’t shoot many photographs. And as much as I’d like to dump my bulky, four-year old, 160GB iPod Classic ($249, 4 stars), the 32GB of storage accessible on most cellphones just is not going to cut it. But that’s finally beginning to change. It’s more than enough storage for many users, and a step in the correct course, although it’s still no match for my 160GB behemoth. For doubling the amount of storage previously available for cell phones and tablets, it’s an easy Editors’ Choice.

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Physical Design and Speeds
The 64GB microSDXC is reddish and blue, a bright change from present memory cards that are black. That makes it harder to lose. As someone that uses (and loses) microSD cards on a regular basis, I can tell you this simple change in colour makes a major difference. Additionally, it appears snazzy.

If that is your first microSD card, you need to know that it’s really, really tiny, about the size of the size of your pinky nail. It comes with an adapter which allows you to make use of the card in any SD slot, so it will work with digital cameras and be readily readable in computers.

The actual amount of space on the card is 59.46GB. It’s quicker than tablet memory cards and most cellphone, with Category 6 speeds of up to 30MBps. I tested the read and write speeds using the Antutu benchmarking app on a number of Android-based smartphones.

Compatibility and Conclusions
Most phones support microSDHC, which maxes out at 32GB. MicroSDXC is the new standard declared in 2009 that enables small memory cards like this to support storage sizes up to 2TB. The thing is, current phones don’t have SDXC slots. Luckily, the card operated in every phone I tested it with. I also tried it with a Motorola Droid (4 stars), to see how it’d work in an older device. Again there was no issue, and each mobile managed read and write, in addition to to recognize the card at its total ability without a problem.

The card also functioned good in multiple Windows 7 PCs and a 27-inch iMac ($1,999, 4 stars).

It ultimately comes down to two questions in the event you are contemplating the 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card. Do you need this much storage, and are you willing to pay for it? Should you take a lot of pictures, record High Definition video, and listen to lots of music, the microSDXC doubles the amount of storage accessible to you. And it might be expensive, but it’s more affordable than a brand new iPod Classic.

BUY NOW SanDisk 64 GB micro SD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and All-New Fire TV

As most of you know, SanDisk is an international leader in flash memory solutions. With the latest launch of their 512GB Extreme Pro SDXC alternative, it is fairly clear what direction the marketplace is heading.

In the lab today, we have a high capacity alternative from SanDisk, and it does carry 128GB of capacity, while it’s not the 512GB beast. These cards work great with streamlined and mid-range point and shoot cameras and camcorders with read speeds up to 30 MB/s. Changing equipment, we move to the 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC. This card carries both UHS I and Speed Type 10 designations, and is advertised towards smartphone and tablet users. Performance of the remedy is said to reach rate of 30 MB/s read/write. The 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC is recorded at $99.99, also with a lifetime guarantee.

Packaging for every one of the SanDisk Ultra memory cards discover the cards in bubble kind container that is typical. Marketing numbers are situated in the top right with capacity noted previously.

The SanDisk Ultra 128GB SDXC, carries the standard red on black color palette. So you could keep track what’s saved on the card capacity is listed in boldface lettering with a tiny label.

Its retail packaging and the microSDXC SanDisk Ultra comprised an SD adapter. Capacity of the card is listed in bold font with a grey/red colour palette.

The functional capacity after formatting is 59.4GB.

Price/Performance for the 128GB SanDisk Ultra ended up at 47%, due to its high price per GB near $2. The SanDisk Ultra lineup mainly being focused towards typical consumer with compact point and shoot cameras, smartphones and tablets, really depends on having a decent amount of capacity for the cost. The Ultra 128GB definitely takes this to another degree, and it carries plenty for the casual user while it doesn’t have the maximum performance. Price, on the other hand, is rather high now, mostly owing to its new to the market nature, and as most things should come down over time. The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC solution, on the flip side, is priced about price/performance ratio that was right for it, and actually lands only above Samsung’s EVO microSDXC in our graphs. Performance of both of these cards came in around the same numbers 47 MB/s read and 13 MB/s write. Build quality was great and being SD cards, they are waterproof, shock and temperature. Overall, microSDXC options and the SanDisk Ultra SDXC are great for the casual user, but I would look around to find the best price when you are out shopping. PRICING: The SanDisk Ultra memory cards can be found by you for sale below. The prices listed are valid in the time of writing but has the potential to change at any given time. Follow the link to see the very latest pricing to find the best bargain.

BUY NOW SanDisk 64 GB micro SD Memory Card for Fire Tablets and All-New Fire TV