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Upgrade: The official Roku program (which may be utilized to control the device) has received quite a significant overhaul. The largest addition is a new ‘What’s on’ section, which offers a straightforward method to look at a curated collection of movie releases and recent tv. The program has additionally got a more general layout overhaul to allow it to be more easy to browse.

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It packaged all the good that was separate of Roku OS, along with over 1,000 stations, into something the size of a USB stick.

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Now, that is never to say the original was perfect. It was slow, taking what felt like hours to completely populate the user interface. And, for the primary year, you can not even punch it into the rear of most HDTVs – only ones with a unique, MHL-compatible HDMI port.

The processing issues would continue for a long time, although the latter was repaired immediately.

A fix for that predicament would not come until this year, when Roku declared a new, even smaller variant of the Roku Streaming Stick that packages for about eight times the performance of the original in a quad-core processor.

Having said that, at $49, Chromecast does not cost a bit more than Roku Streaming Stick and does not offer similar special features, like reflecting an entire computer to the TV. However, you are able to chalk up those to the cost of getting a physical remote control as well as more programs.


The brand new, smaller layout has gotten a small wardrobe change, trading its old, obnoxiously brilliant purple covering to get a glossy, matte black.

Develop a fresh account, or you will then should add the Roku Streaming Stick to your own Roku account via its enrollment site. Annoyingly, nevertheless, Roku does require one to input a credit card when you make a brand new account, which allows for simple debiting should you determine to shell out -to-view content.

But it is not merely the shell of the Roku Streaming Stick which has experienced a transformation, the internal parts are drastically distinct too.

The central processing unit in the most up-to-date iteration of the Stick is a quad core CPU, capable of chip, 1080p streaming. It runs circles round the 2012 variation of Roku’s pint sized streamer and, thanks to an 802.11n, double-band Wifi antenna, TV shows and films should now pop up quicker and spend much less time buffering.

Certainly there is a whole lot to enjoy here, but don’t forget the Roku Streaming Stick is supposed to function as opening merchandise in the lineup of Roku. Step as much as a Roku 2, and you’re going to get an ethernet port on the trunk of the carton to get a much more consistent connection to your own router. Update into a Roku 3, and you’re going to develop a multifunctional remote capable of voice search and private listening through a built in 3.5mm jack.

Do not stress if this seems like it is likely to be too long to fit behind your TV. Roku now provides a free, flexible extender cable that plugs to the HDMI port in your TV for a few wiggle room when setting the Roku Streaming Stick in the trunk of the TV.

Link it to some wall outlet via the microUSB to USB cable and charging brick after you have the Stick securely seated in the HDMI slot.

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Another entry in the “it resembles a Roku merchandise” classification is the interface.

TV Shop and picture Shop are just two on the Roku Streaming Stick of my least favourite functions. By choosing both of those, you will be taken to the Fandango storefront at which it’s possible to get shows or movies at fluctuating costs. Yet will forever take up residence in your property display from now before the finish of time, both of these alternatives will probably go unused, in the event that you previously subscribe to any streaming service.

News is a video content aggregator that is similar, although not quite as successful, as the one found on Android TV. It’s possible for you to decide on a channel (such as technology, amusement or business, by way of example) and Roku will spit out several ideas from YouTube.

Search is the piece de resistance of Roku characteristics. Using the built in mic on a text search or the remote, you will have the ability to inquire about films and TV series, along with particular celebrities, performers and directors.

The primary display works as a central hub, with individual spaces for House, My Feed, Film Shop, TV Shop, News, Search, Streaming Settings and Stations, which are described in detail below.

House is where you’ll locate an inventory of every one of the stations you’ve got installed on the Roku Streaming Stick, ordered by installment date.

My Feed was a new feature introduced in the tail end of the Roku 3 that lets you monitor TV shows and movies. Say you would like to learn when a fresh episode of The Simpsons is accessible to look at. You had seek the show utilizing the remote, add it after which anytime it becomes accessible on FOX’s or Hulu streaming programs, you will be notified.

Streaming Stations is, for all intents and purposes, the storefront for brand new stations on Roku. There are over 3,000 stations on the shop and around 100 “hidden” stations that can only be obtained by inputting a channel code on Roku’s web site, activating a download on your local system.

Now, you essentially understand that which you are getting having a Roku remote, than you could anticipate, but the Roku Streaming Stick’s remote is a lot more fundamental.

But before I talk regarding the buttons that are actual, let us discuss weight. The most recent remote is readily the runt of the Roku litter, thinner and lighter than some of the other clickers of the streaming device. It is more dainty due to a few buttons – you will not find a committed search button, B or A .

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What it does have is a typical, simplistic-yet-practical group of controls and four media buttons that may call Netflix up, Google, Amazon Instant Video and Sling TV Play TV and Films in the touch of a button.

It takes AAA batteries instead of AAs, and what is odd, is the fact that headphone jack won’t be found by you or built in mic on this diminutive bit of plastic. For the functionality, install and you will finally need to download the updated Roku company program – a small annoyance that likely let Roku utilize that for an upgraded chip and to shave several dollars off the generation of the remote.

Speaking of the program, while it is relatively heads and shoulders over the application Roku offered in previous generations, I nevertheless do not find it as useful as the Project button that comes assembled into Android and iOS programs. Neither that nor the whole display reflecting functionality open to Apple TV owners that use Android and iOS TV users with Android TV players.

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Settings is fairly self explanatory.

Content library

While Amazon Fire TV and Android TV products become storefronts for first-party content, a more agnostic approach is taken by Roku when displaying all of your alternatives.

Oh, plus it is worth pointing out here that the aforementioned last group of services don’t come free with the hardware and require separate monthly subscriptions. I can not tell you how often I hear horror stories of someone going out and purchasing a Roku anticipating every app to be free.

If you’re in the UK and choose to find a Roku Streaming Stick from foreign, have a look at Sky’s Now TV platform (Sky being a shareholder in Roku), the omnipresent Netflix and Demand 5.

Sound apps of note include Vevo, Pandora, Rdio and Spotify. To be able to get everywhere, yet, unlike PlayStation Music on the PS4, the latter requires a premium subscription. This barrier to entry makes the Roku Streaming Stick among my least favorite music streaming devices, losing important ground to the new front-runner, Google’s Chromecast Audio.

But, while the Roku Streaming Stick does not win many points in the music or games classes, it’s probably the most sports channels of any other platform.

So far as content can be involved, Roku has got the most diverse streaming video choices of any set-top box. It might not do games or music as well as the competition, but if you are searching for a straight flowing device, it is hard to do considerably much better than this.

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The Roku Streaming Stick is a strong challenger in case you are buying tiny 1080p flowing device. Menus load a bit faster here than on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, yet, that time might be spent pulling your phone to make use of the voice search function that will otherwise be readily accessible on Amazon’s Fire TV remote out.

Also, Roku Streaming Stick can merely eke out several milliseconds forward of Chromecast switching to the following from one piece of content or when starting starting a show. Chromecast might benefit from a double-band, 802.11ac Wifi antenna but, if you don’t have a router with a matching spec, that edge becomes a bit moot.

What I can say with 100% no caveats and certainty is that this version is exponentially faster than any Roku Streaming Stick prior. Roku maintains that internal evaluations demonstrate it perform eight times faster than last year’s version, and that I feel like that amount might have now been a conservative estimate.

I briefly stepped back to 2012’s all- purple iteration simply to determine what it absolutely was like, and I was shocked how much time it took to do the simplest of jobs. Beginning in the full time it took to load an app and, a video took years, I opened Netflix there, likely could’ve found my telephone from between the sofa pillows and began a stream all ahead of the Roku Streaming Stick reached the 50% cushioning mark.

The noticeable difference between the Roku Streaming Stick and also the high end Roku 4 is the lack of 4 K, HDR and Dolby Vision capabilities, but cramming that sort of power into a device this size just isn’t possible with our present technology. Now, that might change four or five years down the line but, for now, in case you have a 4K TV and so are keen to locate 4K content to cooperate with it, you’ll need to pony up the additional cash to get a Roku 4 or Nvidia Shield.

We disliked

Obviously, Roku could’ve squeezed a supplementary little bit of juice from the Streaming Stick had it determined to use the 802.11ac standard that can manage twice as much information in the same quantity of time. Chromecast found a way to do it without increasing the cost, and so I’m not exactly certain why Roku could not do the same.

These light in comparison to the vast improvements which have been made to the operation of the device, and are minor flaws, clearly.

It also does not help that the Roku remote feels less strong than ever before, thanks to the choice to allocate listening functions that are private and voice search to the individual Roku app instead of on the remote that will constantly be in front you.

We enjoyed

The much shrinks -loved Roku TV OS and sets it in a package that’s a quarter of the size as well as half the price of the Roku 3. There are over 3,000 programs that range from streaming basics, like HBO Go to and FX Now, Netflix totally confuse like that are channels, the Aliens and UFOs Station, Firewood Hoarders and Made for TV.

Unlike Chromecast, everything is tied together by a smart, easy-to-navigate interface and a straightforward-but-effective remote.

Closing verdict

Whether you need to buy the Roku Streaming Stick over the Amazon Fire TV Chromecast or Stick entirely depends on how you intend to put it to use.

On the flip side, if you’re the type of one who often sees web clips and shows, movies in a community setting and does not mind missing out on a remote, you’re best suited saving some cash and electing for Google’s Chromecast.

If you’re somebody who comes home following a long day, grabs the remote and views Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, and also would truly consider renting movies from Google Play Movies and TV, there is no better option in the streaming stick class than Roku.

There are more powerful entrances in the Roku family of goods, just like the stellar Roku 4 and marginally better Roku 3, but buying one of those will take a larger bite from your wallet and take up precious real estate on your ledge. Allowed you’re content with 1080p streaming, want the greatest and many open app store and also don’t mind using 802.11n Wifi for another few years, the Roku Streaming Stick is an unbeatable value.

Roku Streaming Stick vs the opposition

When you are considering Roku versus its rivals, both primary points to keep in mind are that it functions all on its own without the aid of a cellular device feeding it advice, and that Roku has certainly one of the biggest, most open platforms on the market.

Roku Streaming Stick vs Chromecast: It is a tricky matchup. The Chromecast is arguably a more social device, allowing anyone in your property to drop content on the display at any given moment, while the best user(s) for the Roku Streaming Stick is someone living by themselves or a partner.

There are more options for content on the Roku Streaming Stick, both in relation to popular streaming apps (Chromecast can’t natively support Amazon Instant Video) and in the obscure.

In the end, the decision will come down to whether you want a remote along with a normal interface that lumps content in one simple-to-find place, both of which you can only just find on Roku.

Roku Streaming Stick vs Amazon Fire TV Stick: If you’ve already bought into Amazon’s ecosphere, the Fire TV Stick is likely to be the proverbial carpet that ties the room together – it is quick, responsive and works flawlessly with Amazon’s infrastructure. It has a microphone built into the distant and subtle attributes that are extra, like X-Ray, which identifies celebrities and actors when they are on-screen, that won’t go undetected.

Problematically, but the Amazon Fire TV Stick does not quite like Google very much or always perform a “universal search,” frequently simply showing you results from the Amazon Instant Video library. Plus, while the Amazon Fire TV Stick might appear cheap at $40/£35, you will need to subscribe to Amazon’s $99 per year Prime service to really get the most out of the device.

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